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$185 000 to apply for new look domain names?! [wtf]
Posted by on Jun 20th, 2011

Here i was thinking it would be awesome to get the domain name www.who’syour.daddy because the internet regulatory body has approved addresses that don’t only end in .com

Well sorry for me because the application process to claim your own domain name ending will set you back $185 000 ….regardless of whether it’s successful or not.


I wonder if the ANC has already earmarked taxpayers money  to grab the .anc domain ending.

“The Internet body that oversees domain names voted on Monday to end restricting them to suffixes like .com or .gov and will receive applications for new names from January 12 next year with the first approvals likely by the end of 2012.

And they can be in any characters — Cyrillic, Kanji or Devanagari for instance, for users of Russian, Japanese and Hindi.

“It’s the biggest change I think we have seen on the Internet,” Peter Dengate Thrush, chairman of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), told reporters.” [yahoo]

That  means that you’ll be searching .xxx some time next year i’m guessing hey.

Can somebody please send the internet regulatory guys a $185 000 cheque that’s gonna bounce? Tell them you wanna register www.joumase.p**s on my behalf.


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