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Canadian Grand Prix fans roll like this [pics]
Posted by on Jun 13th, 2011

I’m in Montreal for the summer in case you didn’t know and yesterday was the Canadian Grand Prix. It pissed all kinds of rain during the entire day and i was gonna take pics of the F1 action for you, but it was miserable so i bailed and went to have a braai nearby instead.

The day before though was the traditional fan festival and it’s held in a street lined with bars. Think Long Street with thousands of petrol heads and pit girls handing out free stuff.

Here’s how F1 fans roll in Canadia.


Yes..that is exactly what it looks like. A cowboy with a Chihuahua on his shoulder… wearing a dress.

Then there were the hundreds of 40 year old virgins whose sole objective was to take a picture with big boobed pit girls.


He doesn’t show it, but you know  inside that guy is doing a naked happy dance covered in boner glitter.

And then there was this side-show grandpa. White pants, white shoes, white gloves and rocking the Ray Bans. No idea what drugs he was on, but it must have been quality coz dude was killing it.


Michael Jackson trapped in the body of a white coffin dodger.

Will post some more Montreal pics when i have a bunch to show you.

Good times.

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