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Hey surfers..why didn’t you think of this
Posted by on Jun 9th, 2011

Ahoy bru..that wave was heeeeeeaavy hey…. i saw my nought and next thing you check i’m like in the washing machine with the waves keeping me under. Thought i was gonna peg one time. Hectic.”

Well why didn’t you invent this then. So simple. It’s essentially an inflatable bladder built into your wetsuit that deploys when you pull a ripcord taking you to the surface.

Many surfers have  drowned in big wave breaks where being kept under is a real danger so its suprising that this device has taken so long to be invented. The Self-Inflating Big Wave Survival Wetsuit is designed by Billabong and Shane Dorian and is being hailed as life saver in the world of big wave surfing.


HERE‘s the press release.

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