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The weather in Montreal today…it’s scrotum melting degrees [pic]
Posted by on Jun 8th, 2011

Been in Montreal less than a week and since the summer has just started the temperature has been up and down, but mostly comfortable. Most folks associate Canadia with snow and temperatures well below zero, but dont realise that during the 2 months of summer this is what you get.

Here’s today’s forecast.


The hottest time of the day is around 5pm when it will be 32 degrees, but 39 degrees on the  “feels like” index which factors in the wind and includes the humidity.

Sunrise was at 5.06 am and the sun will sets today at 8.41 pm.

And note the overnight temp. The temperature will drop to only 22 degrees before it starts rising again tomorrow morning.

I checked the long term forecast and the rest of June is all over the show with some days the overnight temp dropping to below 10 degrees. Mid-July is normally the time when it gets retardedly hot with days when the ‘feels like’ index gets into the middle 40’s.

My testicles are crying already.

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