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Life is Savage gets a new look
Posted by on Oct 29th, 2010

It’s been a while since i made any changes to Life is Savage and this past week seemed like a good time to clean house and to start the ball rolling i reckoned changing the header image was a good plan hey.

Pretty easy thing to do i thought. Grab a couple of pics, throw them all together and Bob’s your uncle.

Ya..not so much.

This is the extent of my photo editing skill.


Don’t laugh that sh*t took me like 3 hours. I swear i nearly broke my laptop…can someone please tell me what in the photoshop hell those grey and white blocks are when you cut something out. Drove me befuk. Anyway you see what i was going for right and clearly i needed a professional to help a brother out.

I asked a couple of peeps in the industry and more than one suggested a boutique design agency called Room 13. Good reputation (go check their previous work) and apparently the owner Nina is easy on the eye so i decided to pop in for a visit. Let me tell you…looks can be decieving because the woman is not only a pretty face. As far as i’m concerned she may also own the best damn design company in Cape Town.

I sent that butchered sh*t show of an image above as a reference and a couple of emails later they came back with this puppy.


BOOM! Thanks for coming. Horatio Caine just sat up in his bed and went “Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh” for no reason.

And case you’re wondering that is me in the picture….the penguin, coz that’s how i wobble.

Thanks to the entire outstanding design team. If you’re looking for a talented,  professional, creative design company then go see Room 13. Highly recommended.

Room 13
11 Victoria Junction
Gate 1
Prestwich Street
Green Point, Cape Town 
T. +27 (0)21 425 4469
F. +27 (0)21 421 8271

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