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Cape Town Legends: Tessa the Cannonball Blonde
Posted by on Oct 29th, 2010

Missed out on a Cape Town Legends interview last week, but managed to track down a lady for a change and she may be young, but Tessa B is already kicking ass and taking names.

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, photographer and part time undercover ninja…here’s Tessa the Cannonball Blonde.

Tessa - Photography by Adriaan Louw


Savage: heard you can sing.. Is it true that your voice sounds like a nightingale on tik?
: i prefer to compare it to the lesser-spotted-fig-bat-bird-hawk on a strong dose of Corenza C …. But ja, your description isn’t far off.

S: and your stage name? Cannonball that coz you once dated a guy with balls shaped like a cannon?
T: any man with cannon-shaped balls should be shot, or displayed in a zoo wearing nothing but leg warmers … Nah it was more because I enjoy a good free-flight out of the noon gun from time to time.

S: pick two of your guy friends would make the best backup dancers?
T: Matthew Taylor and Gareth Kenward. They can both move lekka and they both look good in shoulder pads.

S: jeans,tshirt and flops or cocktail dress, high heels and lots of makeup?
T: definitely the jeans vibe! Less maintenance … I do enjoy a good high-heel every now & then, but flops are totally the new black.

S: listened to your recently released track, Inner Child, the other day and its pretty awesome. Tell us a bit about it?
T: I wrote this song as if I was looking back on myself as a kid … And referring to the ‘inner’ kid that I still am! I started the song in 2009 and then got writers block! Never got around to finishing it, until one day I was chilling on the grass in the sun and BAM the rest of the song practically wrote itself in about 2 minutes. That’s what I love about songwriting, it has a mind of it’s own!

S: tell us something most folks don’t know about you?
T: I can handle a gun pretty well and am a keen sharp shooter.

S: Word. Apparently Red Bull Studios saw your YouTube videos and invited you to record with them? How did that go?
T: It was RAD! Ivan had seen some of my home videos (not THAT kind) on YouTube & Facebook, and said he was impressed. They invited me to spend the week in studio, and myself together with their talented producer Steve recorded 1 song a day. Red Bull are very involved with new artists & they were super complimentary about my work. Stoked! We recorded basic vocals & guitar, but I can’t wait to produce a full-length studio album one day.

S: Justin Bieber…you know you want to!
T: Only if he covers his entire face with his hair, which shouldn’t be a problem. Although I’m hoping he has considerably less ‘down there’ … If all else fails I’d have to brown bag him.

S: ha..if that ever happens donkey punch him for me. Are you single?
T: I have recently come out of a romantic relationship with my electric blanket, but I feel our time has come to an end. it’s not him, it’s me. I hope to remain friends.

S: so let’s find you a man person. What kind of guy should be hitting on you?
T: someone who knows how to laugh at themselves! You gotta love being in nature, have a kind heart, don’t be vain, love animals, don’t wear women’s clothing, love your family, buy me popcorn at LEAST once a week, and don’t be shy to dance like a fool. And the popcorn thing again :)

S: free shoutout.. Let’s hear it.
T: to my biatch Julz McGuire (Hooooolio!) and all my kiff friends (you know who you are), my legend sisters who have taught me well and paved the way to awesomeness, to anyone who has ever bought me popcorn. Oh and to everyone who buys my album one day. High-five.

Nicely. Girl knows how to do good times proper. If you’ve never heard her sing then you should HERE. You can follow her on Twitter HERE or go say hi on Facebook HERE.

Malibu says:
October 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Oh hell yeah! Hoolio you rock and I totally agree that Matt and Gareth look goooooood in shoulder pads.
Your voice is so-so!

jen says:
October 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

hi tess. hi malibu.
I disagree with mali-monsters comment abt your voice 😉 … i think its frikken ahsum! but as for your choice in backup dancers. I concur. hehe
love and miss u people! see u soon x

Leigh-Anne says:
October 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

I wish I could see Matt in shoulder pads and please be reminded that it was I who discovered you…. when you were 7. Videos and tapes to proove it sistah.


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