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The Baby Chronicles: 3 months
Posted by on Oct 26th, 2010

So at 3 months old little baba awesome had finally got the hang of breast feeding and picked up some weight, hitting the scales at 5.740kg. He slept in a  basket next to to his parents bed and still woke up every 2 hours. There was a long stretch though from 8pm to 1am during which mom had to use a breast pump (much to the amusement of dad) when her double D’s filled to bursting capacity.

It was around 3 months that dad took baba awesome to Butterfly World where he reckoned it would be perfectly ok to let baby awesome play with a meter long Iguana.


You can see baba awesome thinking: “uuuhhh dad…this is some dumb sh*t you’re doing”.

I asked the happy family if everything they say about raising children is true and dad was very quick to answer that it’s true that all babies do is eat, sleep and poo. And he made sure to add that the poo smells like milk and looks like grainy mustard. He said that they were lucky since baba never had any colic, bad nappy rash or illness. Putting him to sleep was a breeze apparently since they followed the guidelines in The Happiest Baby on the Block. Excellent read dad assures me…lots of pictures.

Baby awesome still doing his social rounds and seems to be loving all the attention. Here he is playing nice with Jeannie D. 


Good times.

I asked dad if he had any problems during the first 3 months and all he said was: “nappies are kak expensive”.


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