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Woolies VS Christian magazines
Posted by on Oct 20th, 2010

Don’t know if you’ve been following the news right now, but a highly entertaining sh*t storm is developing around the news that Woolworths has removed certain Christian magazines (like Joy) from the shelves.

It may be a controversial decision, but all i know is that the Woolies Facebook group HERE has been going bef*k. Lank  funny watching the serious folks have a go at the trolls and vice versa.

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And their timing couldn’t be better since this Woolies re Jeans commercial has been doing the rounds today as well and if this is where their advertising is going we shall not complain.

Holy sh*t batman.

What do you reckon?

PR nightmare or sneaky marketing? Either way they are the top trending topic right now and getting massive publicity.

UPDATE: Woolies caved and are now bringing the magazines back HERE. Crock of sh*t if you ask me, unless it was all planned from the beginning then it’s genius.

Warren says:
October 10, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Where to even begin!?!?!?

Christians get angry and threaten to boycot a store that does not wish to sell their magazines…WOW! what a bunch of “tolerant” philanthropists!!! Just like Jesus would have wanted it…
Christians get angry over the fact that they are still willing to sell Christmas and other religious holiday goodies…WOW! In that case you Christians should try and explain how you have a man on a cross and then somehow have a holiday about bunnies and chocolate eggs…

Don’t even get me started on any of this – although I fear that this is a debate which will never cease. If they do end up boycotting the store – great!!! It just equates to a much better shopping experience for all the rest of us without having to deal with the small minded amoeba’s who complain about everything that does not satisfy them PERSONALLY!!! yes, let’s face it…religion boils down to a personal thing. period.

I summarise with this final thought:
if you are intolerant to another race, that makes you a racist…if you discriminate against the opposite gender, that makes you sexist…if you immediately hate somebody because they don’t believe in the same fairy tales you do, it makes you a theist…

Good Times (even if i do say so myself)

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