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The Baby Chronicles: 2 months
Posted by on Oct 19th, 2010

So its seems that folks were stoked that The Baby Chronicles are making a comeback so here’s some details of the first year of Baby Awesome’s life, starting with the time right after he was born.

So far the most significant events include the parents having him circumcised at 2 weeks and the dad is convinced that’s why he lost half a kilo. Not as difficult a decision as everyone made it out to be since the dad reckons that his future girlfriends will thank him. Here’s baba finding out that his wanger got chopped.


At 2 weeks old baby awesome made his debut at Caprice and was inducted onto the Window of Fame. So far the youngest person on there. Not a good sign, but he appeared happy with the ceremony.


During the first weeks there was an issue with baba not breastfeeding properly and I’m guessing it’s genetic coz his dad is just as clueless when it comes to finding nipple. They had to go see “the baby whisperer”, Bonita Jones four times in one week because mom thought he would starve, but she assured them all was well and not to panic even if baba awesome was just under the 50th percentile on his growth chart.


Dad says he’s not skinny, just lean and chiseled.

Apart from lack of sleep during the first two months (he woke up every 3 hours at night), mom and dad said it’s all worth it and the day he has his first smile is pure legend.


Yes…that’s happiness right there.

Tune in next week when Dad decided it was a smart idea to let baby awesome touch an Iguana.

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