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Cape Town Legends: Tuckbox
Posted by on Oct 15th, 2010

Having a rad time with the new Cape Town Legends interviews on Friday’s hey. The final post you see here is only part of the process and let me tell you..actually conducting the interview is kak entertaining…much like this week’s legend…natural athlete, sports junkie, food maestro and beer king.

Stand and give a slow clap to Mr Tuckbox


Savage: heard you once made love to a beer keg. What’s that like?
: cold, hard, yet moist and nice. I loved it.

S: glad you didn’t say fruity. When’s the last time you cried?
T: when Simphiwe Tshabala scored and when my budgie died.

S: which one of your mates would make the best drag queen?
: there can be only one, Simon, we went to a dress up party once and afterwards went out and some oke tried to pick him up, and wouldn’t believe us that he was a guy.

S: give some advice to springbok coach Peter De Villiers
: we need to drop the excess baggage we have and bring in youth, it has to be done sometime. Also if you are the coach, be strong and unafraid to drop okes if they aren’t playing we’ll, then bring them back doubly motivated. Besides that I reckon we should teach the guys ninjitsu and if we are losing, at least belt the opposition and win something.

S: speaking of sport, we follow you on Twitter ( @mrtuckbox )your commentary is legendary. What else are you good at that folks don’t know?
: fly tying and crocheting! I also write Physics textbooks.

S: heard your stand at the Old Biscuit Mill sells the best beer. If folks rock up this saturday can they get a discount if they shout ” tuckbox gives good head”?
T: sweet, will knock a whole 50c off

S: who would win in a fight between you and David Raad?
: tough call, depends on which way the winds blowing.

S: can you cook?
T: I am a legend cook, probably the best I know, homemade burgers, spag bolognaise, thai green curry, pancakes.

S: things that piss you off in Cape Town?
: taxi drivers, taxi drivers, taxi drivers

S: if you could be one sport sportsman for a day, who would that be and what legendary moment would you have taken part in?
: Os du Randt winning two world cups, or reliving my 14a match vs Jan Van Riebeeck, took 7 wickets for 7 runs.

S: free shout out. Let’s hear it?
T: howzit to “the boss”. Don’t forget Keg King for all your beer needs, and Cape Town Festival of Beer end of Nov.

Ya..another Cape Town Legend right there. Go say hi at the Mill on Saturday and help him out hey..dude needs to buy a new shirt.

Good times.

Tayrene says:
October 10, 2010 at 10:00 am

Tuckbox you legend!!!!

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