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Chile miner No.21, his wife and the mistress [VIDEO]
Posted by on Oct 13th, 2010

News on the internets has been slow today what with the whole Chile miners rescue operation going on hey.

Best part of the whole drama…rescued miner number 21, Yonni Barrios who’s wife found out he had a mistress after they both pitched up outside the mine. In a letter each miner wrote of who should greet them when they emerge, Yonni asked that both women be present. Ballsy.

Ha..trapped in a mine for 69 days and now he’s headed straight for the dog box.


Anyways,Yonni has just been rescued and here’s video footage of him greeting one of the ladies in his life after he surfaced. Most likely his wife by the looks of it.

Ya..just wait till they get home..he’s in a whole heap of kak.

Glad they are all safe. The whole story though has become so commercial..was way better when it was underground………………………


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