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Stuff straight guys like VS stuff gay guys like
Posted by on Oct 12th, 2010

Nope..glitter is not on the list of things gay people like, but let’s not stereotype hey.

The folks over at online dating site, OK Cupid are in a unique position to analyse the data provided by it’s users and they showed us last time what stuff black people like versus stuff white people like HERE. This time round however they have provided the most frequently used words/phrases as used by straight men vs those used by gay men in their profiles.

Straight guys:


Quick question…how the hell did ping pong make that list? Come now chaps. Ping pong?…before beer? Don’t be silly.

Gay guys:


Ha ha…not gonna mention any names Andrew, but  i know some mates who watch Project Runway and American Idol alot.

Just saying.

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