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Cape Town Legends: Mari the Queen of Camps Bay
Posted by on Oct 8th, 2010

We introduced the Cape Town Legends interview category  last week and our first inductee, Niki the Viking gave it horns and some of his answers showed why he is a true ambassador of the good times in Cape Town.

But this week we take it to the next level and shoot a couple of questions at Camps Bay’s most famous resident…someone who exemplifies the good times like no other. Ladies and gents i give you Mari..the Queen of Camps Bay


Photo credit: Markus

Savage: howzit Mari, you have any idea how many folks in Camps Bay and Cape Town love you?

Mari: ag jaaaa…gee my a soen. Jy… [she grabs my arm, but then gets distracted by someone in the Caprice window with a ciggie. I wait a couple of minutes while she dances on the sidewalk]

S: how many guys you reckon you kissed?

 M: lekker…it’s Friday luvie. Give me R2 [she shows me a whole bunch of silver coins already in her hand]

S: You said i could ask you some questions earlier. Like what your whole name is and how old you are ,where you come from and what not?

M: hey..voetsek man [she pushes me and walks away, but turns back smiling]

M: i’m tired..moeg, but today i’m happy because lots of people gave me money.

S: schweet. What you gonna do with the money? You gonna buy food for you and Frikkie? How’s he by the way?

M: nee,dis my geld..daai man [she stops mid-sentence and goes to harrass the bouncers..they ignore her and she walks into the middle of Victoria Road and starts dancing with cars hooting and speeding past]

S: [i decide it may be a good idea to go grab her and escort her to the beach side of the road]

M:  los my jy [she then hugs me and tells a lady walking past]..die man,hy weet [she turns and tries to kiss me and the lady starts laughing]

S: you should be careful about dancing in the road. Cape Town drivers are kak.

M: ek worry niks [she walks away, but keeps walking]

Spotted her on my way home though dancing like a champ near Glen Beach..on her ace.

What a f**king legend.

PS  i must add that for those of you who have never been kissed or slapped by Mari then this interview may seem a bit odd. She may be hammered sometimes, but she is actually a pretty level headed lady that has been around for longer than most of you have been alive. Next time you see her show some respect and it doesn’t hurt donating some old clothes or food.

Tessa B says:
October 10, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Aaah Mari, I’ll never forget the time on Clifton when you sat on my sisters lap, and you smelled like Strawberries. At least I hope it was strawberries …… hmmmm. We love you anyway!

Savage says:
October 10, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Ha! Strawberries…that’s a first. At least she didn’t blind you with the vajajay flash. So many questions I had for her at the start of the interview. Would still be awesome if I can manage to get her to focus for more than 2 min and continue the interview. She must have a crazy story to tell.

Shanda says:
October 10, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Ha ha…i remember that night too Tess! She actually sat, had chamagne & enjoyed the sunset with us. Not sure about the strawberries though??? Siraj, it would be awesome if you could get her story one day – she truly is a legend!

Tessa B says:
October 10, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Lisa said she could smell strawberries!! Haha … don’t ask me how on earth that could be true, but I decided not to ask .. and there was definitely some vajayjay flashing involved even before the champagne started flowing. Aaaah Good times! :)

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