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Picking Up Stompies: 4/10/2010 Weekend Edition
Posted by on Oct 4th, 2010


2oceansvibe gets a makeover. Gonna be interesting to see how the new writers do. Already saw a post earlier by Eddie Walker (about Chelsea winning..nice buddy) that was published before the morning spice. It’s been removed, but come now Eddie! [2oceansvibe]

Die Antwoord have a new member..a streetkid called Wanga. Here’s there new song Evil Boy. Opening line sounds like “vuil gepo*s..” Charming.[youtube]

Liverpool 3rd last in Premiership. Don’t worry will never walk alone to the First Division [thesun]

Justin Bieber was spading some girls at the One & Only. Pics [timeslive]

Kak funny story of the day: Man says that cocaine found in his ass isn’t his..just the weed. Hahahahahaha! [bradenton]

George Michael gonna hire a gimp prison inmate as a bodyguard when he leaves jail. Suuuuuree. [Inquisitr]

Would we be better off without religion? Serious stuff by some smart peeps, but worth a listen. []

South Africa has a new Boerewors King and he’s 13 years old. Yes, we school them young here. [news24]

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