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Stuff White People Like VS Stuff Black People Like
Posted by on Sep 10th, 2010

How’s this for some racial stereotyping.

If you ever wanted to know what stuff other races are interested in then read on my little turkey baster.

OkCupid, an online dating site, randomly selected 526 000 profiles and grouped them by race (as stated by the user). They then scanned each profile within a specific race group and collected the most commonly used words or phrases and the results are pretty revealing.


“Golfing”. Really? White guys like golf? You don’t say.

Other than that it’s pretty obvious that white dudes preferred the traditional guy stuff. Guy movies, loud music, sport and things that go vroom or boom.

 Now compare that to the stuff black guys like.


Soul food and being cool is the order of the day for black males.

The data is just as interesting when you click on the female options. They also grouped together Latino’s (dancing is big), Asians, Indians and Middle Easteners. The results also showed how race affected religion, and in turn how religion affected writing proficiency.

Great stuff. Well worth the read HERE.

Make your own conclusions and let’s hear it.

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