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Even Montreal has these morons..
Posted by on Jul 30th, 2010

Life is Savage is still based in Montreal, Canadia until the sun comes back to Cape Town so i may as well show you what’s cracking over here.

I posted some pics previously of how Montreal people roll HERE and i have a couple more to share with you fine folks.

First up..dumb racist assholes can be found worldwide. Even in a small fishing town up north.



Learn how to spell retards.


Don’t complain about how expensive wine in Cape Town is. They sell Two Oceans wine here for nearly a 100 Rand.


Drive through ATM’s. Ya, hijacking is not big here. Won’t be seeing these in SA anytime soon.


Apart from the porn related name that stuff is the goods. It’s like peanut butter only its made out of liquid marshmallows. True story i swear.

Good times.

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