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Picking Up Stompies: 29/7/2010
Posted by on Jul 29th, 2010


Magazine claims to have 8 never before seen GRAPHIC photo’s of Angelina Jolie. Nipple tape, a dog leash and heroin involved. Pffft..they spiced the hell out of this story. [gawker]

Miranda Kerr-Bloom is preggies. Savage is good name for a boy. [usmagazine]

Over 100 million Facebook users have all their personal details leaked. Told you to sort out your privacy settings. Is your name on the list? [iMod]

Zac Efron spent $2000 on strippers. Video [ONTD]

How women spend their time on the internets. The numbers. And no its not just learning how to clean or make sandwiches (oooooh!!..don’t hurt me) [mashable]

Is Street Slide better than Google Street View. I think so…it’s pretty damn awesome. Just scroll along. [seocowboy]

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