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Internet will run out of IP addresses in less than a year
Posted by on Jul 29th, 2010

Hey look a tech post on Life is Savage.

Ya well, don’t get used to it because i know sweet jack poo about computer technology stuff, but this story got my attention. At first i just thought it was a bunch of rubbish like that Y2K thing back in 1999 (don’t lie you also fell for it)), but then someone sent me an email telling me that there are 338 days left before the internet runs out of IP addresses.



Click for the daily countdown..oooohh.

Look here my tech challenged comrades. What that there picture means is that currently the IPv4 (internet protocol version 4) system can accomodate only four billion IP addresses. Meaning that roughly only 6% is still available and at the rate that are being used up it should take less than a year for that to happen.

“What the %^&* that got to do with me?” you ask.

Whatever device your using to read this post has a unique IP address. When the number of addresses run out yours may be worth something.

Don’t stop trying to sell your spleen just yet, because apparently they are working on a solution. IPv6 (don’t ask me what happened to v5) is in the pipeline ,but it’s gonna cost a sh*tload and may not be ready in time.


I have no idea what the hell the bottomline this whiskey is strong son.

Some help from some techies would be appreciated.

Note to self: stay away from tech posts they hurt my brain.

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