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Halle Berry spotted in Cape Town [pics]
Posted by on Jul 29th, 2010

Halle Berry was spotted recently in Cape Town at the airport and has rented a luxury villa while she’s filming a movie here called Dark Tide.


Life is Savage knows where’s she staying, but apparently i can’t tell you because my source is being a wimp  afraid they will get sued for breaking a confidentiality agreement.

Not to worry though since i’m sure i’ll have a pic for you soon of Halle doing some random stuff in Cape Town. That’s if my photographer buddy doesn’t get handed a restraining order.

Watch this space.

And if you manage to get a snap shot yourself then be a pal and send it hey.

Good times

UPDATE: one of you sent me a link to a website that has loads of pics of Halle Berry on the set of the movie in Simons Town. Penguin Biltong (ha! how’s that for a classic name) is a blog based out in Glencairn and written by Uwe Auer. He managed to take some pics. So all you media people stop riding me for images..go bother him. And Uwe if you reading this then stick a watermark on these and make them pay for it.



For more pics go visit Penguin Biltong HERE and while you there go check out the rest of his blog.

[thanks Mark]

Uwe says:
July 07, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Haha.. shot for the mention! I managed to get one of my pictures on the front page of the Argus today (Sunday). I had no intention of getting so much exposure through taking these pictures, and purely took them for my blog.

SO yeah.. now i think I should take this more seriously!

Keep well!

Savage says:
July 07, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Nicely done with the Argus front page buddy. Good times.

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