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Cape Town car guards selling the Audi R8
Posted by on Jul 26th, 2010

Remember at the beginning of the year when those two car guards got given an Audi R8 in Cape Town HERE?

Well they are selling it and using the money to open a shebeen.

Ok i made that last part up, but they are selling it.

Desire Shima and Fabrice Munganga-Mugala were given the vehicle by an anonymous donor at the  Cable Station, but have decided to sell it and use the proceeds to start a non-profit organisation.

They have already done a heap load of good stuff and used the donations they recieved  thus far to help build a learning centre for a creche in Philippi.

“Cape Town – Two car guards who were given a new Audi R8 by a Cape Town man earlier this year are planning to start a non-profit organisation – with proceeds from the sale of the car.

Desire Shima and Fabrice Munganga-Mugala had initially turned the R1.4m Audi R8 into a “car for good”, by carving a slit into its bonnet for people to slide in donations and messages. Around the slit are the words: “A future for all” – words printed there by the original benefactor to inspire the guards.” [news24]

Wonder what the anonymous donor has to say?

Good times.

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