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Your mom lied about Carrots too
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2010

Moms around the world take note. I’m onto you.

Life is Savage will no longer tolerate the lies and deception dammit. We uncovered the truth about spinach and how it does NOT contain lots of iron which will make us stronger HERE.

And now i find this out.

Carrots will NOT improve your eyesight.


I saw this on Dr Oz yesterday and in my effort to rid the world of continued ignorance it must be shared with you my friends.

” The idea that eating carrots could improve your eyesight received its biggest promotion during World War II.

The British Air Ministry attributed the fact that its night fighter pilots were successful at shooting down German pilots because of a special diet including a large amount of carrots.

The German intelligence actually fell for the story.

The real reason for the success was due to a line of radar masts on the southern and eastern coasts of England, which could detect bombers up to 100 miles away.

The British invented the story to cover up the real reason for their success.”

True story..go look up carrot in wikipedia and check the nutrition section.

You see. It all starts with sh*t like this.

Now go tell someone.

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