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Choose the cover for One Small Seed Issue 20
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2010

Giuseppe Russo, main guy at South Africa’s pop culture magazine, One Small Seed sent me this little opportunity and i feel i need to share it with you folks.

YOU get to choose the cover design for Issue 20 of One Small Seed. I can never make decisions on my ace and besides we do sh*t together here at Life is Savage so lets all group hug and see which one of 28 possible covers we would prefer to see on the shelves hey.

For no reason other than the fact that it makes you happy… and when you see it in stores you can say “Hey..i made that happen. I’m so sexy.”

Ok so i’m not gonna show you all the options just the two that are making me want to sneeze.

First up: entry No 6


Fairly obvious pick. Smiley face..pasta coming out your neck. Spiderwebs shooting from your hand. Cool. I’m good with that.

Next: entry No 15


What in the kak-on-toast kind of f**kery is happening here. Seriously. Who didn’t take their medication?

If everyone votes for this one it will end up on shelves everywhere in South Africa and people will go ape.

Yes..we want that.

But don’t let me influence you my lovely. You’re a grown up. Go look at all the options and decided for yourself before you vote HERE.

Good times.

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