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This whole Mel Gibson thing is starting to piss me off.
Posted by on Jul 19th, 2010

Ok so there have been 5 audio tapes so far released HERE claiming that Mel Gibson can be heard whispering soft rose petals of kindness to his ex Oksana Grigorieva and now there’s apparently a photo of what she looked like after Gibbo punched her in the teeth.


That’s not the photo, but  i made it just for you out of love and besides it’s not unlike the one “World Exclusive” Radar Online posted HERE. Their logo is all over the pic and they won’t allow it to be reproduced.

To be honest it just looks like her teeth are chipped coz her veneers are not there. No bruising of the lips. Nada.

Now i’m not saying he didn’t punch her in the smiley, but if he did then that was some Bruce Lee one-finger-punch sh*t.

This whole thing is starting to piss me off anyways. Why bring out 5 tapes all at different times. We get it…he’s a douchebag who needs a BJ pronto, but no need to for the drama and suspense.

The photo is also causing a whole heap of kak because now law enforcement sources are saying the picture is raising major questions. If teeth were damaged because of a punch then why have them fixed first. Go show that to the police before dammit.

Her dentist doesn’t even believe she was punched HERE, but her rep is saying the pic is real and unaltered.


I’m over this crap.

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