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This is how they do in Montreal, Canadia…
Posted by on Jul 16th, 2010

It’s been just over a month that Life is Savage is temporarily based in Canadia and i thought today would be a good day to share some pics of how they do things out here in Montreal.


Not sure if this was for kids or Roman Polanski.


They should definately get this in Cape Town. Especially Sea Point. Don’t you hate it when the light turns green and some old lady just started walking across. A traffic light with a visible timer would sort that out one time.


The reason some of my posts tend to make no sense. 10% beer in a 1 litre bottle. Klap one of those and sh*t gets real.


Not shy these French Canadians.


How’s this for a novel restaurant idea. It’s pitch black inside. All the staff are blind. You get served and eat in complete darkness. Try that once you’ve taken a couple of’ll kak yourself.


Nothing to see here folks. Move along while i take my ferret for a stroll on the busiest street in the city.

Have a whole bunch more, but ill save them for a rainy day.

Good times in Montreal.

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