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Oppikoppi 2010 poster: Jacob Zuma’s SEXY.CROOKED.TEETH???
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2010

The Oppikoppi Festival is South Africa’s famous bushveld rock ‘n roll festival and this year they are are going with SEXY.CROOKED.TEETH as a theme don’t ask i’m not sure either, but if your teeth are sexy and crooked then here’s looking at you kid.


That poster artwork was apparently designed by Anton “Bitterkomix” Kannemeyer and i’m guessing from the looks of things that the people on the poster are either sexy, crooked or have teeth??!! Wonder which one Jacob Zuma is…oooooooooooohhhhhhh…..see what they did there!

Anyways we are getting sidetracked now so lets get down to business..who are the attending artists this year.


That is quite a line-up i must say. South Africa’s cream right there. And here’s a quick little schooling from one of the organisers:

“OppiKoppi, Sexy.Crooked.Teeth, 6-8 August, Presented by Levi’s®and Jose Cuervo. And of course the rest of us. Much like trying to flay an impenetrable Sekelbos no-go-zone with a panga just “angers” the roots of the plant (according to late night Northam hotel small bar colloquial wisdom), the strategy of not hosting an Easter OppiKoppi festival in 2010 has left the OppiKoppi family, the tune clan and rock ‘n rollers in general thirstier (sic) for the annual tune pilgrimage . And the authorities wary. Which is how we like things – as this was pretty much how we found them in the beginning. Thirsty and ready for tunes. And the authorities wary (And to tell the truth – not ready for tunes).”

Tickets available from and the first 2000 people to get them will score some free sh*t from Levi’s. For more info and what not go visit the website OPPIKOPPI.CO.ZA

Good times.

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