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Reviews of the 2010 World Cup. What the world thinks of South Africa now.
Posted by on Jul 13th, 2010

This is likely gonna be the last post involving World Cup soccer so lets  just get it out the way shall we.

I was gonna write a comprehensive review of South Africa’s performance during the 2010 World Cup, but then i realised that it would be biased and alot of work so i’ll just make a picture for you instead and see what other people around the planet  have to say now that its all over.


BOOM!! Thanks for coming.

“It is a country where its richest resource is its people. No matter what colour, no matter what class, no matter what economic standing, they all showed they have one thing in common . . . big, inviting hearts.So after a month we are left with images — big, bold, indelible images — that rent your emotions like a compass needle trying to find a place to settle.” [Toronto Sun]

“South Africa rises above all the pre-tournament pessimism to host a successful and memorable event. No one died. No one was stabbed, no one was kidnapped and no one took a wrong turn into the clutches of a gang of garrotters. One American tourist did get shot – in the arm – but he wasn’t here to watch the World Cup. History will show that South Africa defied fears of violent chaos to host one of the best-attended World Cups ever.” [Guardian UK]

The best thing about this World Cup so far has been the atmosphere in South Africa – all the major tournaments I’ve been to, or played at, pale into insignificance in comparison.” [BBC Sport]

“Spain won its first World Cup on Sunday with a 1-0 extra-time victory over the Netherlands, but the biggest victor from the 2010 World Cup was, undoubtedly, South Africa. It won in upset form.” [fanhouse]

“South Africa 2010 has been a great tournament if you don’t mind cold weather, a pathetic transport system, overpriced hotels, lax security at stadiums, awful food at the matches, and that rare phenomenon at World Cups but a common sight here — unsold tickets.” [foxsports]

“South Africa has pulled off what many said couldn’t be done: a soccer World Cup that filled stadiums and gave thousands of fans a party they won’t forget.” []

“On the field of play, South Africa fared worse than any host nation in World Cup history. Off the field, it was a resounding winner, overcoming past strife and present troubles to charm the world with pluck, hard work and warmth.” [Washington Times]

There was a great deal of negativity and much was said when South Africa was awarded the right to host the 2010 World Cup, but the only way to prove the doubters wrong was through patience and perseverance. This is what South Africa and the South African people have done, and I am very proud of how the tournament has gone. The Rainbow Nation is now on the world map for all the right reasons.” []

Be sure to visit that last site  Writers and editors from all over the world gave their accounts of the 2010 World Cup.

Good times people.

Daniel says:
July 07, 2010 at 5:08 am

Being South African I am extremely proud to read those comments.

danny says:
July 07, 2010 at 5:08 am

i love my country and know we are a great nation and am proud to be called SOUTH AFRICAN.SOMEDAY NOT LONG FROM NOW WE PRESENT TO GOD A SPECIAL GIFT OF TRUTH.THANG YOU LORD FOR OUR NATION

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