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No mullets or ponytails in Iran..
Posted by on Jul 6th, 2010


What happened to nuclear weapons of mass destruction and stuff.

Iran has issued a catalogue of acceptable hairstyles and is cracking down on those deemed “un-Islamic” such as the ponytail and long haired favoured by European footballers.

True story.


The Iranian government is hauling okes off to police stations who are walking around with “decadent” western haircuts and giving them a short back and sides.

“A photographic catalogue of permissible ‘Islamic’ hairstyles is to be published and promoted later this month at  the ‘Modesty and Veil Festival’.

A tantalising foretaste of what is folically acceptable was provided by Iranian news agencies yesterday, which carried pictures of mostly clean-shaven male models sporting short hair. [mailonline]

Oh well.

Mullet genocide anyone?

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