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Largest single plot of land on the market..
Posted by on Jul 6th, 2010

£11 million will get you this my friend..


I’m not talking about that little cottage near the bottom right corner there…it’s EVERYTHING you can see in that picture that’s for sale…all a billion square feet of it.

The Lake Vyrnwy estate is the largest area of land to come up for sale in England or Wales in living memory. The 23,315 acres is twice the size of Manhatten.


“A 23,000-acre (93 sq km) site featuring conservation areas and a nature reserve is being sold by a utility firm.

It is hoped the Vyrnwy estate, a popular tourist spot, around Lake Vyrnwy in Powys will fetch £11m.

The Severn Trent land, which includes several sites of special scientific interest, is being split into four lots by property consultant Knight Frank.

The consultant said it was the largest section of land to be sold for many years.” [BBC]

And why would you wanna buy that..

Because you can. Say it with me: “for sh*ts and giggles”

You don’t even have to go there (pick me , pick me)..just do it for the bragging rights after you win the SuperEna jackpot today which is currently sitting at £84 million.


Gotta be innit to win it.

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