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South African “Gumtree Killer” gets 30 years in jail
Posted by on Jul 2nd, 2010

You know that website Gumtree right…where you can get almost anything online, like apartments to rent and what not. I’m sure you’ve used it. It’s even featured on Life is Savage before HERE.

Well a South African (now living in London), Clinton Bailey, used it to find and kill a women before stuffing her in a suitcase was jailed for 30 years yesterday.


Ya..see. And you thought flirting with those people in the personals section was just harmless fun.

After his conviction he went off in the courtroom.

“The South African, from Lewisham, south-east London, swore and called jurors “stupid” after being convicted of murder at the Old Bailey today, before storming out of the dock.

After hearing that he faced a minimum term of 30 years because the killing was done for gain, he shouted: “Fuck me, I didn’t kill her. Are you people stupid or something? Look at the pathology. How the hell?” [Guardian]

Is it just me or did you picture him saying that in a really think South African accent?

Note for the day: careful how you use online classifieds. There are some nutjobs out there.

[thanks Tayrene]

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