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South Africa sells more wine than France in the UK.
Posted by on Mar 30th, 2010

South African wines have outsold wines from France for the first time ever in the United Kingdom.

Finally the Brits realise that our wine is better than that of the French… something Mari coulda told them long time ago.


“South African wine sales in the UK have overtaken those of France for the first time, according to the latest figures from market analysts AC Nielsen.

South African wine sales grew 20% by volume between January 2009 and January 2010 to 12 270 000 nine-litre cases, compared to a decline in French wine sales of 12%, to 12 266 000 nine-litre cases; growth that also saw South Africa becoming the fourth-largest wine selling country in the UK. [sagoodnews]

Do they sell the papsak over in the UK…coz if they did you know we would rock the number spot.

Good times.

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