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JZ and Julius make a movie…
Posted by on Mar 25th, 2010

Since i posted that article about the new Nando’s commercial giving side eyes to Jacob Zuma (HERE) and the kak funny video of the politician that may be Julius Malema’s mentor (HERE), my inbox got flooded with mail relating to those two gents.

Some were funny and others completely offside ( looking at you Steve) while the following was the only one that put the two chaps together in one image.


I’d love to credit someone and say (insert name here) is responsible for this, but i’m sure they would prefer to keep their name out of the media hey, especially once you notice that shower head in JZ’s hand.

Good times though.

[thanks T]

Craig says:
March 03, 2010 at 6:30 am

I probably should have put my signature on it or some such.. like Zapiro does.. but i can imagine some people won’t take kindly to it. For the record I did one of Helen Zille also, so I’m kinda impartial.

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