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Sunday Island Market is “disappointing” to say the least.
Posted by on Mar 23rd, 2010

And by disappointing i mean kak.

Not sure if you’ve noticed ,but if you drive along High Level road in Cape Town, every other streetlight pole has the following poster attatched to it:


I love the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock and since i missed it on Saturday i thought i’d go check out this new indoor market at Northgate Island.

Before i left i made sure to check out the website on the bottom of the poster there and the opening page had this as a tagline:

Cape Town’s trendiest home and lifestyle market

Wow…that’s quite a bold statement hey. Did a little more digging and apparently it is: 

“Cape Town’s first dedicated indoor market, Sunday Island Market is leading the way when it comes to world-class shopping and entertainment, and with so much on offer each week, it can be hard to keep up to speed”.

That’s it i thought..i’m going…they used the word “world-class”..nobody uses that unless they really mean it right? So i smsed my mates saying they should meet me there at 10.15am

Let me tell took literally 5 minutes to walk through the entire market. I was dumbstruck. A primary school  fete is more attractive. My friend Rob would definately say “USELESS” out loud.

The only stand i stopped at was a delightful lady selling biltong. I bought some and it was delicious. That’s it. Smsed my mates back saying don’t bother coming.

This is false advertising at its best and if they are preparing to cater for the influx of World Cup tourists then they are in for a rude awakening. I’m not one to slag anything new in Cape Town that has promise, but they definately need to get their act together…or stop using the words “world-class”.

Until they do..ill stick with the Mill thanks.

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