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South African, Candice Boucher on the Playboy cover [all PICS]
Posted by on Mar 19th, 2010

Ok, you may have already seen it already, but its Friday and she’s South African so it deserves another look hey.

Cape Town girl (we are claiming her..too bad ), Candice Boucher has been the first South African girl to grace the cover of Playboy magazine in the US.


You may remember her from the time Life is Savage found out she cracked the Guess Campaign (HERE), but it seems she is upping her game a tad.

I was gonna hit you with a link to some NSFW images of Candice from the magazine, but then we spared a thought for Mark and changed our mind.

If you wanna see them i’m sure you’ll find a resourceful little perv you.

Good times though.

UPDATE: ok, people are nagging me. I tracked down all the NSFW nude images of the Playboy shoot..even some outtakes HERE.

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