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Chatroulette is not only random naked people
Posted by on Mar 18th, 2010

Have you tried Chatroulette yet?

Its the new “in-thing” on the internets created by a 17 year old Russian kid.  You just go the website (HERE)  and click on new chat and away you go. Video chat with some complete stranger anywhere in the world. You can talk about anything until the other person decides you suck and then leaves. Conversation can last from seconds to hours if the two of you get along.

Problem is that you never know who you gonna get and its not uncommon to click on a new person only to get a face full of peen. True story. Some people think its lank funny to be naked and more often than not its not somebody attractive.


And that’s tame let me tell you.

Anyways..there are some genuine folks out there who are nailing their conversations, like this chap who’s become an instant legend. Check his piano and singing improv skills. sick is that..and how funny are the people who log onto his account.


Go try it. Just watch out for those naked dudes wanking. Unless you wanna be one of those dudes then go give it horns bud. You never know..Ashton Kutcher might just watch you.

Good times

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