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Car rolls down Signal Hill, Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Mar 16th, 2010

Damn…sightseeing on Signal Hill nearly turned into a really crappy day for two female (just saying) German tourists who jumped out of the vehicle before it rolled down the mountain side this morning.

signal hill

Photo: Solly Lottering


Apparently they left the handbrake down while the car was close to the edge…………………..take it away Puff Daddy:

“don’t push us, cause we’re close to the, edge
We’re tryin, not to lose our heads 

Can’t nobody take my pride
Can’t nobody hold me down… ohh no
I got to keep on movin”

Lesson for the day: When parking along Signal Hill be sure to remember to pull up your handbrake. Cape Town is ridiculously good looking and has been known to distract many a tourist.

“Two women jumped out just in time to watch their car crash down a mountainside near a popular lookout point on Monday.

A small crowd gathered at the scene where a mother and daughter had a narrow escape when their car rolled over the edge of the mountain at Signal Hill at 11.20am.” [more info and pics at]

Glad it turned out ok for the female (just saying) tourists.

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