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Lance Armstrong wins Cape Argus Cycle race.
Posted by on Mar 15th, 2010

Ok i lie………  he actually came 9th, but how cool would it have been if THAT was the headline of  all the newspapers in South Africa this morning hey. Besides,everyone is gonna have a Lance story today so i might as well spice mine up.

I didn’t get to ride in the event, but i went for a walk to Camps Bay during the race along Victoria Road and saw the leading group just as we got to Clifton 4th and managed to snap the following picture of the Lance coming second last.


Damn…after all we’ve been through at least you coulda waved bro.

Oh wait, lets zoom into that a little shall we.


Brings tears to my eyes that..and if you zoom in even further you can see him winking behind his sunglasses (but you need that zoom program they have on CSI hey).

Pity no tv camera’s  captured it when he wrote that on his arm then rubbed it off, all within 5 seconds as he came around the bend.

Must have been a deadzone or something.

Good times.

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