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Gunmen raid $1 Million Poker tournament. Caught on LIVE tv.
Posted by on Mar 7th, 2010

6 armed robbers raided a live poker tournament and made off with the $1.1 million dollar prize pool.

And the drama was caught on live tv.


Play and commentary being filmed at feature table of the Berlin EPT 2010 was interrupted when the gunmen entered the play area.

None of the players had bullets at the time so they couldn’t return fire. ( bad its this heat in Cape Town)

“One report said the gang – armed with assault rifles and hand grenades – made off with the tournament jackpot of 800,000 euros ($1.1m; £726,000).

Several people were injured in the ensuing panic, although none of them seriously.

About 1,000 poker players are taking part in the five-day tournament.

“Several masked, armed individuals entered the Grand Hyatt Hotel and fled with a haul of money,” police spokeswoman Heidi Vogt said.” [BBC]

Reminds me of the time Basil and Ray were bust playing a poker tournament at Big Slick in Green Point. Except it was the police who did the raid.

Kak  funny to see them in the back of the police van.

Good times.

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