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Mari has 1000+ friends and counting…
Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2010

Mari you L E G E N D…

Remember last week i told you about a new Facebook group called:

“Can Mari get more friends than Julius Malema?”

Well its been just over a week since the group was created and Camps Bay’s most famous resident has 1317 members as of today. How amazing is that hey.

Every single comment (except for one) so far has been nothing short of worship. Its a clear testament to how many people in the Camps Bay/Clifton area ..even people overseas, have been touched (yes , literally too) by her.

Try these examples on for size:

Brett Saunders: They don’t make good women like this anymore!!!!
( Mari’s allways up for a gooood time…..)

Antonie F. Roelofse: MarI is amazing, seen her go all out @ La Med a couple of times!!!! Quite the showmaker, stripper and fighter….and all round drinking Champ !!!! C.T. Loves you MarI…!!!

Dino Peros: Mari can have my children

Keren Futeran: shes the thing i miss most about SA

Some of the pictures submitted by members have also been classic to say the least..check it.


"Special Coke that one"

Very nice…strike a pose. Or as Mari likes to say “strike a po*s”.


Mari has a romantic side as well, clearly enjoyed by this chap. Beautiful.


Sorry, i can’t hear you over how awesome that sh*t is. That’s Mari owning the clifton lifesaving boys.

So hopefully this group keeps growing and ill keep you informed of how it goes.

In the mean time a special request went out on the group and i definately think deserves mentioning. Since Mari is such a legend and brought so many smiles and happiness to those who know her, the least we can do is help out.

A chap by the name of Kyle Watson has offered to collect any clothes, food or money(preferably not) you may wanna send to Mari & Frikkie. You can get hold of him on Facebook HERE or drop it off at the Clifton lifeguards who will hold it until he gets there so he can take it to them.

Well played Kyle.

Here’s the group if you havn’t joined yet: Can Mari get more friends than Julius Malema?

Antonie says:
March 03, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Hey Big UPZ to all the support and pledges out to MARI & FRIKKIE!!!!!! t

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