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Johnson and Styris: “its just not cricket chaps” [pics and video].
Posted by on Mar 3rd, 2010

Its just not cricket chaps.

I’ve always wondered why fights occur in other sports, but rarely in cricket. I mean its such a competitive game why aren’t players fly kicking spectators (oohh ahhhh Cantona) or getting involved in bench clearing brawls…

Its supposed to be the gentlemens game, but in a recent one day international between Australia and New Zealand two players got a little too excited.


That’s Mitchell Johnson giving Scott Styris a visual warning: “don’t mess with me bro….i’m craaaaaaazeee.”


In a typical display of  Ozzie intelligence, Johnson tries to headbutt Styris……………who’s wearing a helmet.

Ozzie , ozzie, ozzie..oi oi ….ooooooooooooooooooi.

Here’s the video..don’t bank on it working because they will probably pull it for copyright kak.

Good times.

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