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“The Sun” badmouths Cape Town..
Posted by on Mar 2nd, 2010

The online version of The Sun (pffft) in the UK has published a story about how violent Cape Town is and that the  30 000 England fans should be weary of some of the most violent gangs in history.

F*ck right off bru.

Foreign correspondent, Dan McDougall  apparently spent four months embedded in Cape Town’s violent street culture. The award winning writer has clearly used his impressive journalistic skill to come up with this piece of supreme f*ckery.

cape fear

"Supporters Dos & Don'ts"..joke

We all know Cape Town has its dodgy areas where gangsters and crime are a part of daily life , but why the hell start the story off with a reference  to the 30 000 England fans who are coming to watch the World Cup?

Is there a stadium in Lavender Hill i don’t know about? Are bus tours leaving from hotels in the city dropping English tourists off in the middle of a Mitchells Plain gang stronghold to buy some tik?

We need less of this negative bullsh*t and more positivity. Like the great article  (go read it) published today which include the following awesome quote:

“After 80 years of the World Cup, Africa – whether some Europeans like it or not – deserves its chance to host the finals: and had you decided against coming here because of the horror stories (rather than financial restrictions), when the media changes its tune from negativity to fawning praise as the World Cup begins, where would you rather be? “

Much better.

Mr Happy says:
March 03, 2010 at 4:51 am

Agreed Mr. Savage..! More positive vibes… Although if you think about it, Mr. Dan McDougall may just be doing all us S.Africans a favour by perhaps scaring some of those 30000 English hooligans into not coming..! If you don’t dig it then don’t come…

I do like the way you’re trying to ‘happify’ the world though (I made that word up just for you, cause that’s what you do – ‘happify’ people..!)

Caroline says:
March 03, 2010 at 4:51 am

Surprise surprise. What about the knife-crime & other crimes going on in South East London hood! Pffft! What a tosser! And those eejits who read this BS & believe it – well, shame. Like little lambs! Your loss douchebags! We don’t want your kind in our country anyway!

skoot says:
March 03, 2010 at 4:51 am

I just moved back to London after 5 amazing years in Cape Town and I gotta say in 3 weeks I’ve seen scarier things on the tube on the way to work every day than what i experienced in my entire time there… every fucker seems to be on ugly pills!

Helen says:
March 03, 2010 at 4:51 am

I haven’t read the Sun article, but I did watch the Panorama film which aired last night and from what I saw it aimed to highlight life outside the bubble of Cape Town.

An event such as the forthcoming World Cup is a chance to show the poverty and crime that exists in SA. The programme showed a series of individuals who were trying to turn their lives around, in this topical case, through football. OK so it didn’t work out for them, but they tried, and maybe the next generations will find a way out. If journalists don’t speak about the problems facing the people in a country, we just live in a little perfect bubble pretending that these thigns dont happen on our own doorstep.

And yes, we all know this happens on our doorstep in London and what problems we have- but this story is about SA whilst the spotlight is on the World Cup and the opportunity is there to grab peoples attention. The whole point is that 30,000 fans will descend into the Cape Town bubble without realising what is happening out of site.

Open your minds people.

Tim Coe says:
March 03, 2010 at 4:51 am

I’ve been to Cape town 5 times and have friends and family there now. I was also at Wembely for the Egypt game in the week so this is relevant to me.

The simple asnwer is that The sun will overhype ANYTHING to sell a few more papers. Every major city in the world has its low life scum who commit crime. If you try to scare off England footballs fans it’ll only create more of us attending from a, “Don’t try and scare us off,” point of view.

The best supported team in the world will continue to be the best supported team regardless of a TWAT journalist.

Cape Town is the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited and I hope 30,000+ England fans get to enjoy it and tell everyone back home on their return what a wonderful city they’ve enjoyed and that all their friends should visit also.

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