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Computer Mania saves the day…again.
Posted by on Mar 2nd, 2010

Some you loyal followers have been bugging me because i’ve been slack with the posts lately, but as was the case last time this happened (HERE) its all due to my computer crapping out on me.

This time though it wasn’t the blue screen of death , but a system file using 100% of the cpu, basically rendering my laptop inoperable. The shut down button didn’t even work along with pretty much everything else.

Did some investigating and it turns out that a recent update of my anti-virus software (Panda) was a little too enthusiastic and was sucking up all the juice. The TPSrv.exe file i’ve highlighted below was the guilty party and apparently the problem is quite well known… a quick google search will lead you to similarly grumpy users.

So today i headed to the good chaps at Computer Mania in Long Street and was ready to throw my toys ,but no need..they made a couple of calls, pulled some strings, slapped a couple of people around and viola, i got the latest version of Panda anti-virus software that seems to have fixed the problem.

Here’s Rodney doing some stunning work, he’s like Neo..he see’s the matrix green code. He doesn’t even need the black coat and sunglasses..THAT’S how good he is.

02.03.2010 002

 And just like that laptop is all good. Outstanding service. Just like last time. 

And if anything happens again, i know where ill be going. If i need to buy a new hard drive, upgrades, better ram..hell, when  this computer eventually dies on getting a new one at Computer Mania.


Love your work gents.

Computer Mania , Corner of Strand and Long Street                +27 21 423 0717

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