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Can Mari get more friends than Julius Malema?
Posted by on Feb 24th, 2010

“Mari you BISCUIT!”

A new Facebook group “Can Mari get more friends than Julius Malema?”  popped up yesterday (cough)  and i think it may just grab South Africa by the ballbag with its goodness.

Pretty much sums up how some people feel about Julius Malema i reckon hey.


Sorry, i cant hear you over how awesome that sh*t is.

Now if you don’t live in Cape Town,specifically Camps Bay, then you will have no clue who Mari is, but it really shouldn’t matter because you coulda replaced her name with a grenadilla lolly and it would have the same effect.

For those of you who are aquinted with Mari and her husband Frikkie you will know that she is without-a-doubt a legend in Camps Bay.

The Facebook Group already has more than 50 members and wall posts have ranged from her being spotted at the Nedbank (true story) in Sea Point to her and Frikkie dancing outside some dudes window for loose ciggies.

It is our obligation to let the rest of the world know how much Mari rocks.

Click “Can Mari get more friends than Julius Malema?” to join the group.

Good times.

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