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Somebody paid $1 million for the first Superman comic today.
Posted by on Feb 23rd, 2010

Action Comics No 1 featuring the first appearance of Superman sold for a record $1 million on


The rare comic is one of only about a 100 known to exist.

“The 1938 edition of Action Comics No 1 – which originally sold for 10c – was sold by a private seller to a private buyer, neither of whom was named.

Stephen Fishler, co-owner of the US auction website Comic Connect, said it was “the Holy Grail of comic books”. [BBC News]

If you’re a true comic book junkie then the following link is instant boner material. Let the Superman theme song build up in your head before you click HERE.

I think i may have to go check if have a copy lying around at my mom’s house. Probably only find old Scope magazines though. Damn those were awesome. Stars on the boobs and everything..

Good times.

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