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Mini-Me spotted in Cape Town..[PIC]
Posted by on Feb 21st, 2010

Ok, its the weekend and you know i’d rather be on the beach than writing my blog, but we are making an exception today folks…

Why would that be uncle Savage?

Because Mini-Me says so, thats why.

Seen in Camps Bay yesterday…


I was watching the rugby at Caprice when he came past in that suped up wheel chair thing (note how it says Dub Edition..that’s how he rolls) in the foreground before sitting down at Bayside. Go on my son.

What’s he doing in Cape Town?

Good times…isn’t it obvious.

Footnote: The last time Life is Savage featured Mini-Me was because he got drunk and fell on his ass and it was caught on i know you wanna see that so click HERE my little sunshine.

UPDATE: apparently he’s just wrapped filming the new Chicken Licken commercial in Joburg.

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