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MAN tv’s Maurice lets rip in his blog..
Posted by on Feb 19th, 2010

Its Friday and i was gonna remind all you good folk to tune into SABC 3 this evening to catch episode 5 of MAN tv, but apparently its been postponed due to the cricket..pfft.

Instead i’m gonna tell you a bit about my mate  Maurice, undoubtedly the shows most controversial , yet utterly engrossing character.


Nailing the photoshopped blue steel look there Maurie.

I found out he writes a blog for the MAN website and well..lets just say that there are a couple of women (lets call them the peanut gallery for now) out there who will definately have their panties in a knot upon reading things like such:

“If i were to paraphrase the many comments received in public to date it would be as follows:
Random woman at Cassis patisserie in Newlands, Cape Town : “Are you from MAN? (yes..), gosh you swear a lot, and yet you are articulate other times, how can you tell South Africa that you slept with a Russian hooker? ( Maurice’s thought-bubble: “she was a dancer not a hooker, you hard-up Constantia princess”).

Random woman at a posh Southern suburbs soiree on Saturday evening: “I just have to tell you that you are a misogynist arse-hole pig and you ARE different to most men, not saying what they think as you think you are doing”. (Maurice thinking: daahlin, if you think your hubby doesn’t know or doesn’t masturbate thinking of your best friend’s thighs parted, you have another thing coming…because I KNOW him!)”. [In the Trenches with Maurice]

Love him or hate him, you can’t overlook the fact that he gets people talking and he delivers his rhetoric with alarming honesty. His loyalty to his friends is admirable and even though he comes across as a pig sometimes, at least he brings the good times..and i’m ok with that.

Catch episode 5 of MAN next week Friday , in the mean time go read what Maurice has to say in his blog HERE .

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