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The South African Powerball Lotto is dodgy.
Posted by on Feb 17th, 2010

Am i the only person who thinks there is something dodgy about the South African Powerball Lotto debacle happening at the moment?

The R91 million Powerball Lotto was won by Stanley Philander of Cape Town on Friday, but apparently it turns out that his ticket was bought a day later so the lotto company, Gidani, has stated he is not the winner.


That’s Stanley and his family with the “supposed” winning ticket. 

I don’t get it.

Are there not strict verification processes involved before anyone is declared a winner? Is Gidani just doing some damage control after it realised the f*ck up of releasing the dudes name and pictures of his family.

Or is this just a case of poor fact checking by the media which has pretty much ruined the poor guys life (unless of course he’s actually sitting on a yacht in the Caribbean).

Regarding the fact that he happens to be deaf and mute…lets not even go down that road shall we.

What do you reckon? Cover-up or crap reporting?

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