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Super Bowl was the most watched television show. EVER.
Posted by on Feb 8th, 2010

Well in US history at least (coz the World Cup Soccer final totally smashes that).

Super Bowl XLIV has broken a 27 year old record (held by M*A*S*H) as the most-watched TV program in American history.

According to Nielsen Ratings, the game between the New Orleans Saints and the  Indianapolis Colts received 106.5 million viewers. [Hollywood Reporter]

That’s alot.

Nearly as many as the number of men wishing they did this to Marisa Miller.


The Victoria’s Secret pony played in a celebrity flag football match in Miami over the weekend and Tom Arnold “accidently” pulled down her pant.

See what i did there.

I started off talking about how the Super Bowl was the most watched programme ever then distracted you with supermodelbum.

You know what that’s called right.. say it with me.

Good times.

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