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“Die Antwoord” gets some international attention.
Posted by on Feb 3rd, 2010

Cape Town rave rap group Die Antwoord cracked the nod on several big international sites yesterday and its quite interesting to see the reaction of foreign audiences.

Just so you know , Die Antwoord is a zef rap-rave crew from Cape Town,South Africa and describe themselves like such:

“Die Antwoord is a lovable, mongrel-like entity made in Zuid Afrika, the love-child of many diverse cultures, black, white, coloured and alien, all pumped into one wild and crazy journey down the crooked path to enlightenment.”

Next time somebody asks me what the the answer to life is..that’s so what i’m saying ( that and 42).

Over on Dlisted, Die Antwoord made ” Hot Sluts of the Day” with legendary editor Michael K calling them equal part horror and awesome.

Xeni Jardin at Boing Boing didn’t really say anything, but the mere fact that they cracked a mention says enough. The comments section of the post is well worth reading to get a feeling of what foreigners think of them. Here’s a little copy/paste incase your ass is too lazy to make the jump.

Hey, how sick is that?

Die Antwoord from Cape Town making waves overseas. What did you expect.

Good times.

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