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Zidan’s hair: love equals football.
Posted by on Feb 2nd, 2010

Egypt have won the Africa Cup of Nations. Congratulations, but we are not here to talk about their epic victory. Go google some sports site.

THIS is what we are on about.

That’s Egyptian player Zidan (yes i can read), using his head as a walking billboard during the final.

And here i thought that PUMA’s “Love equals football” advertising campaign was confined to the pavements of Cape Town (HERE).


Schneaky..very schneaky.

Astrid Schwarz says:
February 02, 2010 at 8:43 am

What a clever campaign this was, I photographed the same image in observatory and cavendish and thought it was simply “love equals football” only to see a few weeks later it was puma! Nicely done.

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