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JFK photo in colour. Is it a hoax.
Posted by on Dec 29th, 2009

Gossip site TMZ recently ran with an exclusive story that an old photo of John F Kennedy (chilling nonchalant on a yacht with several naked women), saying that the  image “could have altered world events”.

Turns out that the photo may be a hoax and that the image was part of a spread featured in a 1967 issue of Playboy magazine. Here’s the colour version.

The photo was reported to be kept in a drawer  by a man who owned a car dealership, but according to the photo actually originates in Playboy:

“According to the caption accompanying the Playboy photo spread, four couples were enjoying themselves on a trip to Petit Rameau, an island in the Grenadines. As “Andy” sunned himself on deck, “Elaine” dove naked into the water while “Roxanna” provocatively shimmied up a ladder. In an interview, Larry Dale Gordon, the Playboy photographer who took the yacht image, said that the man TMZ identified as Kennedy was a “paid model,” as were the naked women featured in the shot.” [The Smoking Gun]

You shimmy up that ladder “Roxanna”.

Go check HERE for more info and images from the Playboy article and decided whether TMZ has fallen for a hoax or they just spiced things up a bit hey.

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